Rich inside

One word invokes a stream of images


From this page you can visit places that show or tell about aspects of my inner empire. A previous version still exists here but it is incomplete and it does not form the quiet, mostly textual oasis I want my starting point to be.
I have many interests that I too often start little projects for that I fail to finish. Here I would like to gather all material, finished or not, so that at least some of the ideas may inspire others. And perhaps it also helps me bringing more subjects to a close. Follow the links below the picture.

Heerlen 2007 - misty morning near castle Terworm

Misty morning road Terworm to Heerlen


Sometimes this would be called a sidebar, but it doesn't always have to be on the side to be called a sidebar. Sidebars can be on tops of things, below things, but they are usually beside things – hence it being a called a sidebar.